David and Goliath (1599) by Caravaggio

Keir Starmer being knighted by Prince Charles

A Killing in Tiger Bay’ (2021)

Picture taken from on top of the fire engine/stage show a police camera pointed directly at the speakers from the steps of St George’s Hall, Liverpool

AUKUS (2021)

The Sea of Ice (1823–1824) by Caspar David Friedrich

The Nightmare (1781) by Henry Fuseli

Grenfell Tower June 14th 2017

Chatterton, E. Keble (Edward Keble), 1878–1944

Marc Barham

Column @ timetravelnexus.com on iconic books, TV shows/films: Time Travel Peregrinations. Reviewed all episodes of ‘Dark’ @ site. https://linktr.ee/marcbarham64

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